We are experts in the fields of Big Data & Databases, Intelligent Algorithms, Software as a Service

Big Data & Databases

A relational database and business intelligence tools are a traditional approach to manage a large amount of data.  This approach works well in the classical world. However, traditional data warehouse technology is very expensive, has problems with scalability and is not very powerful in the case of textual and unstructured data.


Therefore, the Laboratory conducts research and development on big data technologies. We know how to cope with unstructured big data, as well as relational databases. Our software is based on Apache Hadoop, Spark, Lucene and Solr.

Intelligent Algorithms

We enrich our software by adding intelligent algorithms, so we are able to propose sophisticated solutions that meet the customers’ needs.


Machine learningmethods allow us to cope with large datasets and create user-friendly intelligent information systems. Artificial intelligence makes our systems are aware of working context. Thus, the systems are able to recommend the most suitable information, or can support users’ decisions.

It is believed that optimal solutions were “invented” by Nature. This is why we try to follow the latest findings in life science and work on the new bio-inspired algorithms.

Software as a Service

We manage the full lifecycle of applications: starting from requirement analysis and design, through software development and testing, finishing on deployment on servers. Our products are usually provided as software as a service. Typically we develop decision support systems, which are designed for particular purposes. To quickly respond to customers’ needs, we use agile project management.


Mainly, we use the following technologies for software development: Java Enterprise Edition, Spring, Oracle, UML, BPML.